The structural performance of building materials depends, to a large measure, on the quality of the materials delivered and their placement during construction. To assist the owner, developer, architect, engineers and building officials — Western Technologies performs independent special inspections, construction quality assurance or quality control services, pavement evaluations and engineering, and earthwork observation and testing.

ICC Special Inspections
ICC Special InspectionSpecial Inspections, under Chapter 17 of the International Building Code (IBC), are required for buildings and structures in many states and municipalities. Our staff of certified inspectors, technicians, quality control experts, and professional engineers provide a value-added service to your project through their experience and knowledge in the construction industry. Western Technologies is an approved agency in all jurisdictions within our service areas.

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Structural Masonry
  • Prestressed Concrete
  • Spray-Applied Fire Resistant Materials
  • Mastic & Intumescent Fire-Resistant Coatings
  • Structural Steel & Bolting
  • Structural Steel Welding
  • Post-Installed Mechanical or Adhesive anchor Systems
  • Earthwork & Soil Construction
  • Adhered Veneer Systems
  • EIFS
  • Pile & Pier Foundations
  • In-Situ Load Tests


Construction Quality Assurance
Western Technologies' quality assurance programs, established for public agencies throughout the southwest, emphasize the most cost effective practices. Western Technologies possesses the requisite expertise and capabilities to effectively establish and maintain a quality assurance program that is in strict compliance with the project requirements as well as local, DOT and/or federal mandates. Western Technologies Construction Quality Assurance Plansprovides these assurance services:

  • Quality assurance plans
  • Specification development and review
  • Materials review and verification for acceptance
  • Testing and inspection schedules
  • Independent assurance testing
  • Source inspection
  • Acceptance laboratory testing and evaluation


Construction Quality Control
Quality control involves observing the construction progress and comparing what is being built to the project plans and specifications. Western Technologies personnel discuss any discrepancies identified during our observations with on-site personnel as well as the design team in order to determine the appropriate course of action. Western Technologies provides these quality control services:

  • Construction Quality Control PlansQuality Control Management
  • Quality Control Plans
  • Testing and Inspection Schedules
  • Submittal Review
  • Materials Testing and Inspection (source and on-site)
  • Quality Control Reporting
  • Quality Control Charts
  • Test Evaluation
  • Final Quality Control Report and Project Closeout


Pavement Materials Testing and Engineering
Pavement Materials Testing and EngineeringWestern Technologies offers Pavement Management System (PMS) consulting and performs a variety of engineering support functions including pavement evaluation and design, geophysical surveys, nondestructive testing, and condition surveys. We have extensive experience in pavement analysis and design as well as materials testing and the selection of appropriate pavement types and treatments for different pavement structures under various conditions — from residential to arterial roadways, local streets to interstate highways, and general aviation airports to major hubs. Western Technologies services include:

  • Pavement Evaluation / Condition Reports
  • Pavement Management System Implementation
  • Pavement Materials Engineering
  • Inspection and Testing Services
  • Pavement Maintenance Plans
  • Failure / Forensic Investigations
  • Engineering Analysis and Design
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Design Alternative


Earthwork Observation
Western Technologies provides earthwork construction observation and testing services performed by qualified personnel with accreditation from appropriate agencies as required. Earthwork observation may be associated with IBC 1704.7 (Special Inspection, Soils), special grading, excavation and filling, pile or pier installation. During the earthwork our scope of work may include:

  • Earthwork Observation and Compaction TestingReview geotechnical / soils reports, project grading plans and specifications.
  • Review of on-site and imported materials to determine their suitability as fill material.
  • Inspection of the bottom of foundation excavations.
  • Observation of drilled shaft, auger-cast or driven piles installation.
  • Perform in-place density tests according to project or agencies requirements.
  • Provide fill placement observation during construction.
  • Monitor excavation and stockpiling of suitable fill material from mass excavation, existing aggregate base and the crushing of existing concrete for use as aggregate base.
  • Provide observation, compaction testing for building pad certification.
  • Prepare final grading reports summarizing all observations and test results.