Materials Testing & Engineering Services

As an independent and competent source for the analysis and quality assurance of materials and methods, Western Technologies assures the client of unbiased and comprehensive evaluations. The company’s materials engineering creativity has developed economical solutions to many critical issues facing design, materials supply, and construction industries. Internal quality control measures are utilized to assure competent performance and accurate measurement.

Materials testing and engineering are performed in the field and in our laboratories manned by experienced engineers and technicians. Equipment and procedures are updated to maintain pace with the current standards and the increasingly complex and varied demands of the public and private sectors. Internal quality control measures are used to assure competent performance and accurate measurement. Active participation is maintained in AASHTO, DOT, United States Army Corps Engineers (USACE) and IAS accreditation and proficiency programs. 


Concrete Testing & Analysis 

Western Technologies  understands the importance of quality control testing in the planning and construction phases of a project. Our combination of ACI certified technicians, accredited laboratories, and professional engineers provide expertise in all phases of concrete construction. Concrete mix designs, comprehensive field and laboratory testing, and forensic engineering are just some of the services provided by Western Technologies.

  • Mix Designs 
  • Preconstruction Review 
  • Batch Plant Observation/Certification 
  • Fresh Concrete Field Testing 
  • Evaluation of Hardened Concrete

Asphalt Testing & Analysis 

Western Technologies’ asphalt testing laboratories are staffed with experienced NICET, WAQTC and DOT certified technicians. Our know-how and AASHTO accredited laboratories enables us to provide design, quality assurance/quality control and research testing services including:

  • Marshall or Rice mix design, analysis and testing 
  • Superpave gyratory testing, analysis and design 
  • Moisture sensitivity. 
  • Asphalt-rubber binder design, analysis and testing 
  • Compaction control during pavement construction 
  • Hot mix plant inspection and calibration 
  • Aggregate testing and evaluation 
  • Cold mix in-place recycled design and materials testing and evaluation 
  • Recovery of asphalt from extraction solution by Abson Method 
  • Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) hot mix designs 
  • Design and testing of pavement preservation materials 
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Masonry, Grout & Natural Stone 

Laboratory compressive strength testing of mortar and grout specimens prepared at the site will ensure that masonry work meets both your project specifications and applicable local building codes. Many different types of stone, brick, block and masonry units are used depending upon the architect’s preferences. Inspections of these items are based on project plans and attributes such as reinforcement and the types of mortar and grout used. We provide: 

  • Field inspections of masonry units 
  • Sampling of mortar and grout materials 
  • Compressive strength testing of mortar and grout 
  • Masonry reinforcement inspections 
  • Compressive strength of masonry prisms 
  • Laboratory testing of brick 
  • Laboratory testing of masonry units 
  • Design mixes for mortar and grout 
  • Stone and brick veneer testing 

Soil Testing & Aggregate Testing 

As the basic structural underpinning for almost all construction, soil materials play an important role in the ultimate success of a project. Western Technologies performs in-house and on-site testing of soil materials used for subgrade, structural fills, roadways, embankments, and earthen dams, providing valuable information that assists design engineers in achieving sound engineering practices. 

Aggregate testing is closely related to both soils and concrete test methods and is also used in concrete block. Our materials laboratories are capable of providing extensive testing for both fine and coarse aggregate including sand, gravel, crushed stone, recycled concrete, clay, shale and slag to name a few. 

  • Field and Laboratory Testing 
  • Soil-Cement Mix Design 
  • Soil-Lime Mix Design 
  • ASTM C33 Compliance Testing 
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Crumb Rubber & Crack Sealants 

Crumb rubber modified asphalt has been known to improve rheological properties at low and high temperatures and provide a pavement life up to three times longer than conventional asphalt. Western Technologies was a pioneer in the early research and development of crumb rubber modified asphalt and continues to be one of the leaders in this developing technology.

Sealing cracks in asphalt concrete pavements is a commonly used maintenance procedure that can reduce pavement deterioration by restricting surface water penetration into underlying base and subbase layers. This helps maintain pavement structural capacity and limits future pavement degradation. Western Technologies is one of a few independent laboratories in the United States capable of testing and evaluating crack sealants. 

  • Cold mix in-place recycled design and materials testing and evaluation. 
  • Recovery of asphalt from extraction solution by Abson Method. 
  • Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) hot mix designs.