Metro Light Rail Phoenix Arizona mass transit trolly trainWestern Technologies provides our Clients with the expertise and resources to complete the most demanding projects with creativity and integrity. We work with the design team from initial planning to post-construction inspection and close-out. Our experience with design-build and public-private partnerships allows us to see the larger picture and identify critical issues in a project delivering practical solutions to avoid overruns and delays.


Aircraft taxiingAirports
For decades, Western Technologies has provided services for the continuous expansion and reconfiguration of runway systems at some of the busiest airports in the world. These services include both in active airfield areas and in potential airfield and concourse expansion areas.

Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, Arizona is one of the five busiest airports in the world. Western Technologies has an excellent track record at Sky Harbor of providing quality assurance (QA) services for the City
of Phoenix.McCarran International Airport

McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada is among the fastest growing airports in the United States. Observation, sampling, on-site and laboratory testing of native and imported soils, and extensive monitoring and testing of concrete quality has been performed by Western Technologies.


Highways & Roadways
FAN2034690 (transportation)Many federal, state and local roadways have been designed and built following Western Technologies design recommendations and utilizing our on-site quality control and laboratory testing capabilities. We have been involved in a wide range of roadway development and rehabilitation projects from Interstate Highways to the remote roadways in the Navajo Nation.

Expertise in asphalt rubber and "green" pavements -
Western Technologies pioneered the use and design of asphalt rubber mixes. Our experience and understanding of the engineering properties of these materials gives us the ability to provide our Clients with recommendations for GREEN pavements preferred by society.

Work on the highwayEvaluation, rehabilitation and preservation -
Surface-life of roadway elements should be extended to the fullest. Evaluations of existing pavements to determine condition and remaining pavement life are performed continually by Western Technologies pavement engineers. Pavement Management Systems (PMS) are designed by our engineers for facilities ranging from airports to residential communities. We can assist in the design of short or long-term maintenance programs, the selection of approved materials, and even contractor selection.