Single/Multi-Family Residential

Single/Multi-Family Residential

Framing of apartment building.

Residential subdivisions, multi-family developments, and master-planned communities present their own unique set of challenges and demands related to due diligence, site selection, design, and construction. Western Technologies provides geotechnical services to national and regional home and apartment builders seeking to save money by identifying and providing remedies to potentially damaging soil conditions – reducing the severity and frequency of problems. Whether the soils consist of hydro-collapsible or expansive conditions, our history in the southwest allows us to provide recommendations that limit risk and meet budget expectations.

Environmental assessments assist with the critical analysis of potential environmental liabilities associated with real property acquisition and ownership, as well as business operations and management. Whether dealing with real estate acquisitions, local planning and zoning requirements, or regulatory mandates, our Clients insist on an environmental consulting firm that has stood the test of time. For over 60 years, Western Technologies has maintained a strong reputation for technical expertise, quality service and responsiveness. As important, our local knowledge is instrumental in affordably addressing environmental concerns.

Scottsdale towers and canal

The structural performance of building materials depends, to a large measure, on the quality of the materials delivered and their placement during construction. To assist the owner, developer, designers and building officials — Western Technologies performs independent special inspections, construction quality assurance or quality control services, pavement evaluations and engineering, and earthwork observation and testing. Our resources are extensive and our personnel trained, certified and experienced to provide practical solutions when you need them.

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