Markets: Industrial



Industrial, manufacturing, and distribution facilities can be some of the most complex and multifaceted design and construction projects around. Regardless of the project size or type of facility, Western Technologies delivers responsive, professional service in all of our service areas. For over six decades we have successfully worked with owners, designers and constructors to tackle the myriad of issues they face.

Western Technologies provides geotechnical, environmental and materials testing and engineering services for all types of industrial facilities and buildings. We have become experts at meeting the specific needs and requirements of industrial and distribution developments. Industrial buildings are often especially complex and require innovative solutions to meet the needs of today’s industries.

For example, some specialized industrial, manufacturing and distribution operations require extraordinary flat and level floors (super-flat) for proper equipment performance. Distribution facilities, in particular, are getting larger and taller, putting additional demands on the design of the subgrade and foundation, concrete mixes, and concrete placement observation and testing. Facilities that will use large, stationary machinery face separate challenges. The subgrade must be engineered and the foundations and slabs designed and constructed to withstand not only the weight of the heavy machinery but the vibration (dynamic load) as well.

With decades of proven experience, Western Technologies serves the specialized industrial and manufacturing market across the southwest. From scheduling to project closeout, Western Technologies uses sophisticated computer management systems to track test results and material performance. These tools ensure that our key project team members spend less time completing paperwork and more time on the job, contributing to a quality project that exceeds your expectations. Find more information about how Western Technologies can help you build success for your industrial/manufacturing or distribution building.