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Healthcare & Education



Combining medical technology and the human touch, the healthcare industry administers care around the clock, responding to the needs of millions of people — from newborns to the critically ill. Over 500,000 establishments, ranging from small-town clinics and medical offices to busy inner-city hospitals, make up our healthcare infrastructure in the United States. New, renovated and expanded facilities are being constructed to meet the needs of our growing and aging population. Western Technologies has been successfully meeting the needs of the healthcare industry across the southwest since 1955.

High profile healthcare facilities require the expertise of a firm that that will work closely with the client to minimize issues and meet budget expectations. We begin each project by acquiring a thorough understanding of our client’s objectives whether for inspection, assessment, analysis, monitoring, testing or remediation.

Whether you are building or expanding a hospital or other healthcare facility; or having to manage asbestos, indoor air quality, pavement or other facility issue; Western Technologies has the resources, expertise, and professionals to deliver the right solutions that meet the client’s needs.


Throughout its history since 1955, Western Technologies has provided innovative solutions to address the complexities and unique challenges of educational facilities from elementary, middle and high school to higher education projects. Western Technologies has accumulated project experience involving a wide-range of both renovation and new construction issues. From the simple to the complex, we have provided expert guidance and solutions to bring projects to a successful completion.