Markets: Energy



Western Technologies is a leader in the southwest in providing quality geotechnical, environmental, materials testing including nondestructive testing and construction inspection services to the energy industry. With offices across the southwest, we have the resources to carry out the most demanding jobs with agility, ingenuity, and attention to client needs. From environmental assessments at existing facilities, to the planning, design, construction and on-going operation of new facilities, we have a proven record of providing exceptional client service with cost-effective and timely solutions.

Large-scale utility projects present a unique variety of engineering and environmental issues. Coal-fired power plants, gas or high voltage transmission facilities, air cleaning scrubber towers and solar power projects each have specific requirements from a regulatory, loading, logistical and site characteristic standpoint. For major utility installations throughout its region, Western Technologies experienced geotechnical and materials engineers, environmental scientists, and NDT/NDE personnel have helped to optimize site and construction plans and building systems with thoughtful design and planning recommendations. It is imperative to consider a wide range of approaches when evaluating and considering the “right” solution to any energy facility modification, expansion or new construction project.

As the need for electrical power heightens, a resurgence in nuclear power generation is a reality. Western Technologies has provided continuous services at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Facility for the past three decades. Services include recommendations for temporary storage of spent fuel rods, plant infrastructure, new on-site facilities, new pipelines and transmission lines, and even security upgrades.