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Commercial Properties


Western Technologies supports clients in commercial and retail development by providing value-added services in the areas of environmental, geotechnical, materials engineering and testing, and construction inspection. Our engineers understand local site conditions as well as local regulatory and building code requirements allowing them to anticipate and deal with issues before they impact project budgets and schedules.

Western Technologies has provided our professional services on projects ranging from “big boxes” to traditional design, from new facilities to renovations, expansions, and change of use. Clients receive exceptional value because our methods and approach support the critical role facilities design and construction play in the financial success of retail and commercial development projects.

Western Technologies has been successfully working with large national firms as well as smaller, local firms for over 60 years. Whether the project is large and complex or routine and straightforward, our experienced project personnel will provide the best solutions in a responsive manner. Western Technologies has a rare combination of capabilities that help project designers through planning and execution — we know how to implement and manage our services while communicating with all team members. We understand the balance sheet side of a project. We have the maturity and agility to solve the cost / time / quality equation.

Environmental (Phase I’s)
Environmental risks can significantly impact the viability and credit quality of real estate transactions. Western Technologies specializes in helping to identify and understand the risks in a clear and concise manner. Since the inception of Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) in 1986, Western Technologies has conducted several thousand environmental due diligence studies for lending institutions, developers, and commercial businesses.

Whether asked to follow the EPA’s “All Appropriate Inquiries” rule, the ASTM standards, Brownfields grant requirements, or user-specified business risk protocols, Western Technologies assembles an experienced team to meet performance objectives and to close issues with well-written opinions.

Western Technologies helps many types of clients, including private development, commercial, and retail entities, meet their regulatory requirements to test suspect materials for asbestos prior to renovation or construction. This information is used to determine the most cost-effective and safest way to deal with the asbestos-containing materials. WT’s highly experienced and trained professional staff possesses a comprehensive knowledge of likely asbestos uses and locations in buildings, so identification is efficient.

WT coordinates scheduling with building managers to ensure that samples are collected in a discrete and safe manner so as to minimize damage to building materials and limit disruption of functional spaces, activities, and/or occupants. Results of surveys are presented and tailored to suit the client’s needs. These results can be utilized by clients to make sound, cost-effective decisions relative to the in-place management, repair, or abatement of identified materials.

Geotechnical (Soils)
High profile commercial building projects require the expertise of a firm that that will work closely with the client to minimize foundation issues and meet budget expectations. Attention to details sets Western Technologies apart, such as factors affecting the performance of interior and exterior slabs and walkways, especially at high traffic areas and in areas of unique or critical floor coverings.

Our engineers are well versed in evaluating commercial building site soils for suitability and in providing solutions and alternative measures when existing soils are found to be problematic. We have performed literally thousands of geotechnical investigations for commercial developments throughout the southwestern United States. Western Technologies geotechnical engineers help design engineers and contractors construct buildings that will make a project successful.

Materials Testing & Inspection
Materials testing and inspection is an important part of every project. It involves observing critical material elements of construction and comparing what is being built to the project plans and specifications. Western Technologies personnel discuss any discrepancies identified during our observations and testing with on-site personnel as well as the design team in order to determine the appropriate course of action. The experienced personnel at Western Technologies know how critical time is during this process and strive to do our part in keeping your project on schedule.

Our staff of certified inspectors, technicians, and professional engineers provide a value-added service to your project through their experience and knowledge in the construction industry. Western Technologies is an approved special inspection agency in all jurisdictions within our service areas.