Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties

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Western Technologies supports clients in commercial and retail development by providing value-added professional services. Our engineers understand local site conditions as well as local regulatory and building code requirements, allowing them to anticipate and deal with issues before they impact project budgets and schedules.

Our experience includes "big boxes," traditional design, new facilities, renovations, expansions, low-rise, and high-rise. Clients receive exceptional value from Western Technologies because our methods and approach support the critical role facilities design and construction play in the financial success of projects.

Environmental (Phase I's)
shutterstock_144849883 (comm)Environmental risks can significantly impact the viability and credit quality of real estate transactions. With our Phase I experience, we work with our clients to identify and understand environmental risks, following the EPA's All Appropriate Inquiries rule, the ASTM standards, Brownfields grant requirements, or user-specified business risk protocols.

Prior to renovation or construction, Western Technologies helps clients meet regulatory requirements through the testing of suspect materials for asbestos. The test results are used to determine a safe and cost-effective means for handling asbestos-containing materials.

shutterstock_10707961 (comm)Geotechnical (Soils)
Commercial building projects require the expertise of a firm that that will work closely with the client to minimize foundation issues. Our engineers are experienced in evaluating site soil conditions for suitability and providing solutions and alternatives when existing soils are found to be problematic.

Materials Testing & Inspection
Materials testing and inspection involve observing critical material elements of construction and comparing what is being built to the project plans and specifications. The certified inspectors, technicians, and professional engineers at Western Technologies know how critical time is on any project. We are an approved special inspection agency in all jurisdictions within our service areas.

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