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Western Technologies’
 - Phoenix
, is the corporate home and founding office of Western Technologies. This office has provided engineering, testing, and consulting services since 1955. Areas of service include:
Phoenix, AZ Office
Engineering and Consulting Services

  • Construction Materials Testing
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Special Inspection
  • Nondestructive Testing
  • Materials Engineering

The Phoenix office has a staff consisting of engineers and geologists, special inspectors, construction materials testing technicians, nondestructive testing technicians, environmental scientists, and administrative staff. The unit is located in a 23,000 sf facility housing offices and laboratories. The laboratories are fully equipped to perform tests on soils, aggregate, bitumen, asphalt, concrete, masonry products, wood, and metals. The laboratory is accredited by AASHTO re:source (AMRL and CCRL), the Arizona Department of Transportation, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Equipment and procedures are continually updated to maintain pace with the increasingly complex and varied demands of the public and private sector.

Western Technologies’ - Phoenix routinely provides services for asbestos surveys and abatement design and oversight, lead-based paint and mold services, noise monitoring, forensic testing, environmental site assessments (Phase 1 and 2 ESAs), and soil and groundwater remediation. Our geotechnical engineers assist developers and designers with site evaluations and soil reports containing foundation and earthwork recommendations. Nondestructive examination using radiography (RT), ultra-sonic testing (UT), dye penetrant testing (PT), and magnetic particle testing (MT), as well as infrared thermography and ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys are regularly requested by our clients.


Geotechnical Engineering at Chandler Hospital
Chandler Regional Medical Center – Tower C. A Dignity Health facility in Chandler, Arizona, this $125 million, 5-story, concrete-frame addition provides 96 new beds, 6 new operating rooms, a new 32-bed intensive care unit, and an expanded 50-bed emergency department. The expansion allowed for adding and growing needed medical services to the community. Western Technologies Inc. was selected to perform a comprehensive subsurface exploration and geotechnical evaluation that included recommendations for drilled shaft and spread footing foundations. Western also provided asbestos and lead-based paint surveys prior to the start of construction.

Geotechnical Engineering, Materials Testing and Special Inspection at the Stetson
The Stetson consists of two complexes in Old Town Scottsdale. Each has one-story of parking topped with four stories of luxury apartments. The site originally contained multiple structures requiring demolition and numerous underground utilities to contend with. Western Technologies was selected to provide asbestos and lead-based paint inspections and prepare technical specifications for remediation prior to demolition. Abatement oversight, air monitoring, and on-site safety meetings were performed by Western during demolition. Western geotechnical engineers wrangled drilling rigs into place prior to demolition to gather appropriate subsurface information for a design phase geotechnical report. Our technicians and inspectors performed tests and special inspections of earthwork, concrete, masonry, asphalt, and EIFS during construction.

Field and Laboratory Materials Testing and Materials Inspection at Phoenix Sky Harbor
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has rehabilitated a significant portion of its runways, taxiways and aircraft aprons. Beginning by demolishing the existing concrete and placement of new concrete pavement; much of the work was performed at night during tight work windows to accommodate the live airport activity since runways or entire taxiways could not be shut down for long. Western Technologies has provided field and laboratory materials testing, engineering, and inspections in both the QA and QC role to the City of Phoenix and many project winning contractors over the years.
Field and Laboratory Materials Testing and Materials Inspection at Phoenix Sky Harbor