Geotechnical Engineering


Before you build up, you must go down to characterize the site soils which form the base material of your structure. Soil is a complex building material that is understood through proper geotechnical investigation by gathering data on soil characteristics, geology, topography, groundwater and other site traits. Information obtained from a soil investigation provides data to aid in developing earthwork, drainage and foundation recommendations. Western Technologies’ longevity in the market gives our clients the advantage of years of experience with local soil types and geology, earthwork techniques, foundations types and building practices. We partner with clients to apply project-specific solutions that can minimize risk.

For vertical, horizontal and subgrade structures, Western Technologies has the geotechnical and geologic expertise for your project.  Geotechnical investigations or soil testing gives us information on how the site soils will react to the new structureFinal geotechnical reporting includes documentation of soil characteristics and gives the owner recommendations to maximize earthwork and foundation efforts while minimizing risk of unwanted settlement or movement.

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High-rise construction involves a broad range of geotechnical issues — effects of ground movement due to adjacent structure excavation; large diameter drilled shaft construction; soil-structure interaction of raft foundations; pile group effects and load reduction factors; and negative skin friction in piles, among others. Western Technologies often reduces uncertainties associated with deep foundations through load testing so considerable benefits can be obtained while minimizing additional risk. High-rise projects include Caesars, The Mirage, Harrahs and Trump Tower in Las Vegas.

High-profile commercial building projects require the expertise of a firm that will work closely with the client to minimize foundation issues and meet budget expectations. Attention to details sets Western Technologies apart, such as factors affecting the performance of interior and exterior slabs and walkways, especially at high traffic areas and in areas of unique or critical floor coverings. Clients include McDonald’s, Macy’s and projects are regularly performed for Starbucks, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Cobblestone.


With the construction of industrial buildings booming all over the Southwest, Western Technologies’ longevity in the area is an asset to the developer during the site selection process through geotechnical and environmental consulting. In addition, our qualified staff understands the need for super-flat floors or minimal differential settlement between connected structures. Our industrial experience includes Lucid, Amazon, Opus and Caprock.

The value of a residence is dependent upon the foundation it is constructed upon. Since its inception,Western Technologieshas helped deliver value residential construction — from master-planned communities to subdivisions and custom homes. We provide geotechnical services to national and regional homebuilders seeking to save money by identifying and providing remedies to potentially damaging soil conditions — reducing the severity and frequency of problems. Whether the soils consist of hydro-collapsible or expansive conditions, our history in the southwest allows us to provide recommendations that limit risk and meet budget expectations. 


Transportation projects ranging from airports and canals to highways are often publically funded and highly regulated by the local Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Working knowledge of agency procurement methods, design, construction and reporting requirements is required in addition to the ability to work successfully during the operational hours of busy transportation facilities.  Our team of engineers and technicians provide geotechnical, pavement design, materials testing and environmental services for federal, state, county, local and sovereign nation highways/roads, canal laterals and airports throughout the Southwest.  

Pavement design and maintenance for transportation projects are critical and start with an understanding of the soil subgrade and an accurate concrete/asphalt mix design. Our team of geotechnical and pavement engineers utilize emerging design techniques like the Balanced Mix Design (BMD) to optimize pavement strength and flexibility. Our group is recognized as a leading firm in the use of asphalt rubber mixes. We have experience with porous pavements and use of recycled materials in asphalt and portland cement pavements. 


Bridge foundations are usually subject to special loading conditions such as vehicle live loads, vehicle impact loads, earth and water pressure loading, and even high wind loads and seismic loads. For bridge construction projects, we have wide-ranging geotechnical experience providing reliable and economical recommendations throughout the southwestern United States. 

Energy and utility projects are often publicly funded, highly regulated and need nimble service responses from consultants. These projects are often located in remote areas like raw desert requiring the geotechnical consultant to be ready to traverse rough remote terrain while successfully obtaining the needed field data. Our staff has experience with many such projects including solar fields, interstate transmission lines and underground utilities.  


Failure investigations are becoming more commonplace for a variety of projects and structures. Whether due to natural causes, poor construction methods, or improper use, placement, or selection of materials, failures can cause significant consequential damages to the user in a variety of ways. Western Technologies has a strong reputation in the evaluation of possible failure scenarios, determination of root causes of failure and design of successful remedial approaches to these unique situations.

Importantly, not all forensic work deals with failure, and can involve change in site conditions and interpretation of regulatory guidelines. Our principal engineers and scientists have experience in helping resolve complex issues and serving as expert witness. 

Other geotechnical services: 

  • Geotextile Design 
  • Soil-Nail Design 
  • Slope Stability Analysis 
  • Slope Failure Analysis 
  • Pavement Rehabilitation 
  • Compaction Grouting 
  • Vibration Monitoring 
  • Seismic Analysis & ReMi