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Up-Close-and-Personal with a Local Navajo Code Talker

Local Navajo Code Talker and Tuba City local, Dan Akee, celebrated his 94th birthday on Veteran’s Day 2015. Mr. Akee requested to relocate back to his original Tuba City home from 1947. Sergeant Major Akee passed away October 14, 2016. Mr. Akee joined the Armed Forces and in 1944 volunteered to become a member of…
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Concrete Cracking – A Destructive Kind

Concrete cracking… could it be Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR)? Well known facts about concrete are that it will harden and crack. Concrete hardens due to chemical reactions known as hydration. Concrete may crack due to shrinkage of the hydration products and temperature changes. Other causes of cracking can be due to structural loading. However, concrete…
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The Biggest Environmental Misconception

The biggest environmental misconception may be placing you, your employees, your clients and families at risk for exposure to asbestos, and vulnerable to regulatory non-compliance violations. The general belief that the use of asbestos fiber in building materials has been banned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an untruth. In fact, you don’t need…
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Certification of Batch Plants in Mongolia

While in Mongolia I did certifications of five concrete batch plants. Certification is a little different than those Western Technologies normally does. The equipment is manufactured in China, thus they do not have the plant and truck ratings that we have in the USA. I had to perform uniformity test at each batch plant. This…
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Living with Hot Weather

One of the problems of doing concrete construction in the southwest is “living with the heat!” During the hot weather, concrete can be difficult to finish, more likely to crack and have lower long-term strength. I have been working with Infrared thermometers that can help contractors. The infrared thermometer measures the infrared energy given off…
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