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Indoor Air Quality — Healthy Buildings

Indoor air quality (IAQ) affects us all. We want the air we breathe to be clean, allergens (respiratory and topical skin irritants) to be lessened, and exposure to hazardous chemicals and other materials to be non-existent in the structures where we work and live. Poor IAQ potential sources cover a wide range of possibilities and…
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Consolidation of Concrete By Internal Vibration

By Luke M. Snell One of the big challenges on construction projects is to get concrete adequately vibrated. On many projects, the person vibrating the concrete is poorly trained and does not realize that the job is one of the most important to achieving a well consolidated concrete. This has become more critical; now we…
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It Pays to do the Dirt Work First

Just as construction projects start from the ground up —  so does the project design.  Doing the soil work first, in the form of a geotechnical site evaluation, is a sensible first step to take for a successful design.  A qualified geotechnical engineer should be one of the first “boots on the ground”  design professionals…
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How The Rubber Met The Road

Something great was being cooked up in Mrs. McDonald’s kitchen in the 1960’s. Her husband, Charles McDonald, an Engineering Supervisor for the City of Phoenix at the time — melted, mixed, (in Mrs. McDonald’s kitchen) and spread out his tire taffy on the roads of Phoenix and became known as “The Father of Asphalt Rubber”.…
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Mother Nature — A Great Housekeeper

During a recent project through Western Technologies’ environmental group, Mother Nature showed up with her holistic and organic cleaning powers. Western Technologies (WT) was managing a remediation project for a gasoline release on a site located in Arizona. The site also contained a plume of free product waste oil and an abandoned old septic system.…
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